Introduction: David Bratlie

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Hi Everyone,

My name is David Bratlie and I’m an EFCA pastor in Central Wisconsin… LOVIN’ THE SNOW!!!

I found RZIM Connect, because I was hoping to Live-Stream Dr. Zacharias’ upcoming Leadership Conference in May. I didn’t realize Connect existed before this.

I have an Engineering degree and worked in sales for almost 10 years before becoming a pastor. I love being able to ask the questions and seek for answers. It’s one of the things that I believe engineers love. We don’t always have to have the answers. We just need to know where to find them.

As a pastor, I live this reality everyday! I look forward to being able to share what I’ve learned and to ask you the questions that I need answers to. It’s why we “connect”, right?

To Him be the Glory!

(SeanO) #2

@TheBratPack Welcome to Connect! I am an engineer who currently is a member at an EFCA Church as well. I’ve also attended seminary and done a bit of ministry, so I always find it interesting to hear stories of engineer / ministers. How did God open a door for ministry in your life? What brought about the transition from engineer to minister?

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Hey @SeanO!

That’s a long answer! To make it short… I became a believer at 23 (despite growing up in the church). I began my career as an engineer in a sales support role which later transitioned into a sales role for a different company. I was selling to the steel industry, so I started in Pittsburgh (which had me traveling to Detroit on a regular basis as well) then later I was transferred to our Chicago market calling on mills in NW Indiana and the south suburbs of Chicago.

There my wife and I joined an EFCA church (I grew up Lutheran, but that’s a longer story) and began to grow in our faith like crazy. We discovered our spiritual gifts (mine were… teaching, knowledge, and faith) and began asking for guidance in how to use them to benefit the church. Our associate pastor guided me to start a small group of people our age. Later he encouraged me to facilitate a larger Sunday School class of people our age.

Further down the road I had a customer at the steel mill (a Christian himself) ask me if I was aware YET that God had called me to preach!? He wasn’t asking me if I was called. He was telling me I was and that God had revealed that to him a couple years earlier. He was just curious if I knew yet.

As you can imagine… that required a LOT of prayer! After some counsel with wise, godly people and praying for a year about it, God spoke to my heart asking me if I was ready to get on the same page with Him.

The rest, as they say, is History… and what a history it’s been!

I love Him… but I still think like an engineer! :wink:

(SeanO) #4

@TheBratPack What an amazing testimony! As my Grandpa would say, God opens doors no man can shut. It’s amazing the ways God guides us in our lives - how God surrounded you with wise / godly council and put that spark in your heart to serve His Church.

Yes, once your brain is trained to think like an engineer, I’m not sure there is any way to go back :slight_smile: I expect it helps you a great deal during exegesis - those problem solving skills are very applicable to the study and application of Scripture.

May the Lord Jesus bless your Church richly and walk among you, from the least to the greatest, strengthening, guiding, comforting and shining His light in this dark and dying world.

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Thanks @SeanO. You as well…

(Olivia Davis) #6

Hi David! Welcome to Connect! I’m so encouraged to read your testimony…what a powerful calling that God has on your life. Needless to say, I really hope you jump into the forum and share some of those knowledge and teaching gifts with us!

Also – very jealous that you have lots of snow. I live in Mississippi and we got one dusting this year, which meant all the schools were closed!