Introduction: David Heppner

(David Heppner) #1

Hi everyone
My name is Dave. I have been a Christ follower since I was a boy of 8 to my current age of 67.
Thanks kindly

(SeanO) #2

@Hepp Welcome to Connect and Happy Thanksgiving! So glad you could join us and pray that the Lord will bless you as you grow in the grace and knowledge of Him. See you on the forums.

(Kathleen) #3

Welcome, @Hepp! What a privilege it is to have a man with so many years of walking the way. :slight_smile: What part of the world are you located in? Look forward to seeing you out on the forum!

(David Heppner) #4

I live in Canada, however spend a considerable time in SE Asia.

(Kathleen) #5

Very nice! Both Canada and SE Asia are places I’ve never been. (And I’m American, which makes my never having been to Canada a bit more shocking!) I do hope to visit both some day!