Introduction: David Prichard

(David Prichard) #1

Hi everyone, I am David, living in Maryland. While I am retired, as a pastor among other things, I am always anxious to learn more about how o communicate the Gospel in my community and the church in which I am privileged to teach. I enjoyed both the Core Module and Engaging the Modern World some time ago, and I think it’s time to review some of that excellent material once more and to participate in conversations and questions.

(Kathleen) #2

Welcome to Connect, @davidprichardyes! We’re glad you’ve joined us. We hope this community can be one that strengthens and encourages you in your walk with Christ. :slight_smile: I am curious to know more about Engaging the Modern World… what was the thing you found most helpful in your context?

(David Prichard) #3

Hi Kathleen,
Thanks for your welcome to connect. About Engaging the Modern World, I have been trying to read my notes to reply to your question but I loved all the material in that course in early 1917. I cannot be more specific until I get to watch the lessons again. :confused: Sorry. My plan is to get to access them first, and afterward to join in discussions with others. Thank you. David