Introduction: David Roeder


(David Roeder) #1

Hi everyone, I’m glad to be back with this community of budding apologists! I really enjoyed the core module, and being a ringer for a couple of other ones. Although I’ve been to seminary, and have a Master’s in Biblical Counseling, I’m very intimidated by the depth of discussions here. But I’m also encouraged by the tone and respect by differing views/convictions.
Speaking truth in love

(Carson Weitnauer) #2

Hi @kardiaccny, welcome!

Wow, I’d love to know what we can do to reduce the intimidation factor. Any advice? We want this to be an exceptionally welcoming and friendly environment that anyone would feel comfortable participating in.

Thanks for joining!

(David Roeder) #3

No worries! Intimidation can be felt when never intended, so it’s more of a “me” problem, honestly. I crave acceptance and validation, rather than correction and/or challenge to my thinking. This site is good for me.
My observation was on the core module, when some bantering was going too far and the moderator graciously intervened. I consider this a safe place to think out loud and I stand ready for resistance to weak arguments/convictions.
Thank you so much for your concern! Hard to believe I still have to grow up concerning people who don’t agree with me, lol

(Melvin Greene) #4

You’re not alone @kardiaccny. I’ve struggled at first with feeling intimidated, (I’ve only had 2 years at a junior college). But I will testify that everyone here has been so gracious. It doesn’t matter the education; only loving God and a desire to learn from others, and learn more from scriptures. I know you’ll fit right in. I’m glad you’re here.

(Helen Tan) #5

@kardiaccny, I agree with Melvin. I used to be very intimidated and concerned with what others think of me since I have never had any training in theology. What you will find in Connect is the same culture as the Academy and Carson is one of the nicest and kindest leaders in RZIM (they all are, by the way). Responses from fellow “Connecters” (that’s my term) are helpful, kind and never judgmental. I’ve learned that I can be vulnerable here, particularly in areas I’m not familiar with and there will be someone who will share their knowledge and resources with me. It’s a great place to have questions answered as well as share the knowledge we have. I look forward to hearing and learning from you.

(Omar Rushlive Lozada Arellano) #6

Hello @kardiaccny. I agree that the community here makes an environment suitable for rationality and the production of beliefs. It’s nice to see as well different takes on the same topic, which helps in being able to articulate something better. Welcome to Connect! :slight_smile:

(David Roeder) #7

Thanks Melvin, I’ve already learned quite a bit while browsing the various threads. The Gen 3:16 discussion just blew me away with insights about headship vs hierarchy. Looking forward to more interactions!

(David Roeder) #8

Thanks Helen! By and large I found this to be true, and most exceedingly in the moderators! I’m encouraged by these feedbacks, I truly am.