Introduction- David Vermaak- Cincinnati


(David Vermaak) #1

Hi All!

I came over to the USA 2 years ago from South Africa for a beautiful American lass who is now my wife!

I’m a pastor of Community Life at a church in Cincinnati, I have a great passion for apologetics and leadership.

I’d love to form a coalition between believers/church’s in Cincinnati for anything “RZIM” to pursue our passion for Apologetics together. Let’s purposefully and earnestly gain ground together for the Kingdom!


David Vermaak.

(SeanO) #2

Welcome @David_Vermaak! May the Lord bless your family and Church with strength, wisdom and glory by the fullness of the Spirit of Christ! Look forward to hearing what you get going in Cincinati and hearing from you on the forums.

(Carson Weitnauer) #3

Hi David, welcome! My wife was already in the US when we met, but she’s originally from Lesotho, so we are back in Southern Africa every couple of years. Most recently we were in Johannesburg and Maseru this December/January - a lovely visit! It was interesting to have people come up and try to engage me in conversation while speaking Afrikaans!

I’m encouraged to hear about your work at Community Life - both the integration of apologetics and leadership - and your desire to build networks in Cincinnati! Connect is actually a terrific platform for bringing together pastors and lay leaders in a city or region for coordinating outreach. Let me know if you want to investigate further.

(Megan Kemp) #4

Hi David!

I’m glad you’ve joined RZIM Connect. Welcome to this great community. Like, Sean, I look forward to hearing how you’ll bring apologetics into your churches in Cincinnati!


(Carson Weitnauer) #5

Hi @David_Vermaak, good timing! Vince and Jo will be in Cincinnati soon!

Here are the events:

(David Vermaak) #6

Thank you Sean for the kind and encouraging words, brother!

(David Vermaak) #7

Carson, great to virtually meet you!

Very thankful that you dropped those details about Vince on here! I knew about veritas on Monday, and wasnt able to attend, but didn’t know about Kenwood Baptist on Sunday, so I’m stoked, because I will certainly be attending that! Thank you!

(David Vermaak) #8

Hi Megan!

Thank you for the welcome, and I look forward to growing in Christ with all of you!

(David Vermaak) #9

Carson, that’s so interesting man, love that your wife is from Lesotho!

I would certainly want to explore further bud. Just this evening one of my best friends and I were chatting about both our hearts for supporting missionaries and kids in India, (he’s from Hyderabad) and my wife and I support a young girl in the same city through Back2Back.

We want to try and see who we can partner with or start our own thing to develop a discipling/mentorship program for youngsters there.
I said to him we should chat to RZIM and see if there’s a way we can join forces or compliment one another.

Have a lot of other plans too for Cincinnati and even South Africa. Praying for guidance and will most likely start trying to create a sustainable platform here in Cincinnati to support all other mentioned efforts. Happy to discuss and hear how Connect could help bring the saints together!