Introduction: Deborah Hazel

(Deborah Hazel) #1

Hi everyone

I am Debbie from Bali, Indonesia. I am glad that I joined and finished the core module. It gives me a different perspective on my journey.

I hope with being connected will help me more to have better understanding and looking at different perspective too.

(Brittany Bowman) #2

Welcome to Connect, Deborah. :smile: You’ve come to the right place to learn from others, and I look forward to hearing your own thoughts on the threads. Are you connected to a home church in Indonesia? May Christ reveal Himself to you as you continue to seek His face.

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(Nathanael) #3

Hi Deborah! Welcome to connect. Really glad there are a lot of fellow indonesian are passionate to join and learn together. May you always grow in your relationship with God and Christ may be known for many other through you and your ministry in bali!

(Deborah Hazel) #4

Hi Brittany,
Thank you for the kind support. Yes, I am connected to a home church here in Bali. I joined the Hillsong Bali. Some mornings will be watching the online church of either Steven Furtick, Michael Todd or Robert Madu.
Blessings to you

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(Deborah Hazel) #5

Thank you for the kind thoughtful support. I hope I can learn and apply more things that I will be learning from everyone here. Its been a meaningful journey to be part of the group and how it help my understanding.
Blessings to you too Nathanael

(Shirley Lim ) #6

Welcome Deborah, may you continue to be seek the Lord & spread the truth that set the prisoners free in Bali.

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