Introduction: Deneen Horne

(Deneen Horne) #1

Hi everyone My name is Deneen Horne. I am from Jacksonville, Florida. My husband Gary and I have been married for 34 years, we have to adult children, Kristin and Justin.
I have been listening/watching and learning from RZIM for four years, but in September 2018 completed the RZIM CORE Module 068. I’m blessed to teach middle and high school students at a Christian school. I desire to continue to grow in Christ and my knowledge of Apologetics, understanding the more I learn the more I can invest in others and my students. As RZIM says, “Helping The Thinker Believe. Helping The Believer Think.” Thankful for this RZIMCONNECT and you.
In HIS Grip, Deneen

(Carson Weitnauer) #2

Hi @Deneen,

Welcome! As a teacher, I know you are encountering incredibly tough questions and assumptions about life. We would consider it a gift if you brought some of them for discussion here so that we could learn from them, serve you, and grow together as we reflect on the current challenges to faith. I look forward to hearing from you!