Introduction: Dennis

(Dennis Allen) #1

Hello folks. Jumping in to the RZ Connect traffic pattern today. My bride and I are heading to the OCCA BP this Summer, so I’m doing as OCCA’s Amy Black commanded and “Connecting”.

We’re members at Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham, Alabama USA. Hope to get to meet some of you soon, and greatly appreciate all of you at RZIM with your terrific work for Christ.

(Warner Joseph Miller) #2

Oh, wow, @Dennis! What exciting times! Well, we’re glad that you’ve decided to be apart of this Connect community and look forward hearing more of your insights. Amy (and her husband, Gareth) as well as the entire teaching team are great teachers and people. I know a few people who’ve gone through the OCCA Business Program and have come out changed, challenged (and in some cases) moved to do the year (or 2) course in Oxford. :wink: However, regardless of which avenue you ultimately go, you absolutely will not regret it. Cheers, brother and welcome to CONNECT!

(Kathleen) #3

Welcome to Connect, @Dennis! Had a good chuckle at imagining Amy’s directive, thank you for that. :joy: At any rate, we are glad you have…connected…with us here, and I am so excited for you getting to come here to Oxford for the BP. It’s a unique group, and I pray that it will be a transformative time for you. I’m a fellow southerner (from Memphis) who came to do OCCA three years ago and still has yet to leave. :woman_shrugging:t3: It’s such a privilege to still be serving in this city! Hope our paths cross at some point when you’re here!