Introduction: Derek Ishmael


(Derek Ishmael) #1

Hello everyone I am Derek Ishmael.
I am from Ohio and was raised in the church. I started getting interested in apologetics a couple of years ago after some difficult times and an attempt to walk away from Christianity. Now I try to talk about Jesus with all my friends and co-workers. I hope that this forum might be able to assist with sharing the good word. Have a blessed day everyone.


(SeanO) #2

Welcome @Derek_Ishmael! May the Lord grant you wisdom and courage as you share His truth with your coworkers. Looking forward to hearing from you out on the forums!

(Keldon Scott) #3

@Derek_Ishmael welcome to connect. So glad the Hound of Heaven didn’t let you go. I am confident that you will be able to explore areas of evangelism that will enhance your approach and enable others to see Jesus in you. God bless your efforts to equip. Look forward to hearing what the Lord as placed in your path.

(Carson Weitnauer) #4

Hi @Derek_Ishmael,

I’m encouraged that you’ve joined! We live in an era that is clouded with doubt. It seems to me that either we are intentionally growing to maturity in Jesus with our brothers and sisters in Christ or we are starting to become more worldly and disconnected from our Heavenly Father. I would love for the RZIM community to be a means for you to keep growing in your faith and capacity to witness - and for us to benefit from your insights and encouragement. Welcome!

(Omar Rushlive Lozada Arellano) #5

Hello @Derek_Ishmael! I’m glad to have you here. May we as a community be able to edify you and help you in being able to share Jesus where ever you may be, and personally help as well in making sense of the difficult journeys we are experiencing. Welcome to Connect! :slight_smile:

(Derek Ishmael) #6

Thank you everyone! Sorry for not replying sooner I have been busy at work for the last 2 weeks or so.

(Ethan Thomas) #7

Hi Derek! Glad to have you here!