Introduction: Desiree Lanzino


(Desiree Lanzino) #1

Hello, everyone! After getting my three kids off to college - Wheaton, Olivet Nazarene, and Columbia College Chicago - I am finally getting my act together and figuring out RZIM Connect! I am so grateful to be a part of this community, know I will learn a lot, and hope to be able to contribute in some way. My husband and I live in Rochester, MN. If anyone ventures up in this direction, we have lots of space for guests! Love and blessings to all!

(Jimmy Sellers) #2

We have other folks here from MN most notably @Tim_Ramey. Connect is a great place to interact with believers from all over the world. I am sure you will find that perfect opportunity to contribute. So, Welcome to the community.

(Kathleen) #3

Welcome, @dlanzino! Congrats on surviving the Sept. college move-in craziness, and we’re glad that you’ve found you’re way here to us. :slight_smile: Looking forward to having you on the forum!

(Warner Joseph Miller) #4

Wow, @dlanzino!!! What a feat!! Persistence. Intentionality. AND STAMINA!!:wink: Congrats and God’s every blessing over your kids! And welcome to CONNECT!

(Joshua Spare) #5

Welcome to Connect, @dlanzino! What a feat to get all your kids out of the house! With that much experience, I’m sure that you will have a ton to contribute! I look forward to hearing more from you in the coming weeks here on Connect!

(Lakshmi Mehta) #6

Welcome @dlanzino! Congratulations on your kids going off to college! We have some friends in Rochester and may visit there some time! Looking forward to your perspectives here on Connect.

(Omar Rushlive Lozada Arellano) #7

Welcome to Connect @dlanzino! I’m happy to hear that you’re figuring out the platform. Looking forward to learn with you here. :slight_smile:

(Keldon Scott) #8

Welcome @dlanzino! Congrats on getting all off to great schools. My mom (@Corinne_Scott) and dad are in Duluth MN, and @Tim_Ramey are connect Minnesotans. I look forward to your posts, especially now that you have all that time. :slight_smile:

(Carson Weitnauer) #9

Hi @dlanzino,

Welcome to Connect! Congratulations on raising three kids and seeing them all off to great schools! We have so many interesting discussions here every day. I look forward to seeing your encouragement and input into the community. It would be a blessing!