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Hi everyone! My name is Didier. I am from Colombia. I have been a Christian for over 9 years now. I serve as a pastor and I am praying to go as field worker. I am here to help and serve as much as I am allowed to do so!!!

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Hi Didier,

Welcome to Connect! We are so glad you have joined. We look forward to learning from you and exploring the questions you bring to the community. Please let me know if anything comes to mind for how we could serve or encourage you!

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Hi Didier,

¡Mucho gusto!

Welcome to RZIM Connect. We are glad you have joined.

I’m curious, how have you used apologetics as a pastor? What themes or topics come up most often?


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Hi Megan,

Nice Spanish!! :slight_smile:

I think apologetics has helped me learn how to listen to people. Our small congregation goes on the streets almos every Saturday to share with people the love of Jesus and we have tried to focus on listening to them. You’d be amazed how open can be. We’ve gotten to hear some very personal stories and struggles.

On the other hand, I think asking questions has basically become our best tool to get to know people and it has gained us the right to be listened to thereafter. Asking about origin, meaning, morality and destiny has sparked really nice conversations with unbelievers. An I think we have enjoyed them!

One thing I have encountered fascinating in our answers and use of apologetics is the recurrence of discussions dealing with religious traditionalism and the authority of Scripture. It is not always easy to offer answers that are not just correct but that reach the hearts of people.

Thank you for your question. I apologize for taking so long in asnwering.

(Laura Beth Perry) #5

Hi Didier, i, too, have found asking questions to be really helpful in reaching people’s hearts. You said that you have a small congregation that goes out on the streets every week to tell people about Jesus. i’m curious if you have any advice for me. i teach a small Sunday School class mostly made up of girls that have been Christians for less than a couple of years (I have only been a Christian 3 1/2 years or so) and they are very afraid to talk to people. Some of them are shy in general, but most are really afraid to share their faith. Any advice?

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Hi Laura. First, I’d like to share with you my story on how I started sharing on the streets.

Every day I would go out to work and I would see this massive army of JW’s sharing with everyone on the street and I would feel embarrassed that we as real witnesses were not doing much at my local congregation (this was about 7 years ago when I had been a believer for about 3 years). I would pray for forgiveness but the burden was growing heavier on my heart. So one day I told one of my pastors we should start going on the streets preaching the Gospel. He totally loved the idea so we started praying and studying the elements of the Gospel, ideal questions to make, evangelistic methods, and so on. We spent about a month or so preparing ourselves with a small group of believers from our local congregation. On the day we had planned to go out, I felt confident because, I thought, I was going to see my pastor share the Gospel with some people and that I would be silently praying by his side. It turns out that when we crossed the street, a couple was coming at us and my pastor said: “Good morning, my name is Javier, and this is Didier. Today, he has something very important to tell you.” :astonished: After saying that, he just left me with the couple!!! I was terrified, but I knew I had to say something and not just stand there. I quickly prayed, and that was the first time I shared the Gospel with some strangers on the street. :grinning::grinning:

I remember that and I still tremble, hahaha. But after that moment, I was so excited that I wanted to share with everybody else.

It was not a very orthodox method, haha, but I was encouraged to keep on preaching.

Now, I would suggest you do some practical study on the essential elements of the Gospel to make them feel confident. Then study a couple methods for breaking the ice (maybe a survey or an attention grabber). Then just pray and go out, let the Lord lead you to people. Have tracts or Gospel books (John for example). Go in two’s and simply have conversations with people. You will be amazed at the things people share with you, many times they will share very personal things with you.

The more you go out, the more you’ll love to share Jesus with strangers! I have used theater (I love it), evangelism with paint, evangecube (one of my favorites for one on one), illustrated open air preaching.

I hope some of this is helpful. If you have other questions, I will be more that happy to try and answer! :blush:

God bless you and your class!

(Laura Beth Perry) #7

wow, thank you for all of the advice Didier, yes it is very helpful! First, i am so relieved to know it was hard for you at first, too! Its weird, sometimes i am nervous than others. most of the time, i am just really unaware of how to start the conversation - that is the hardest part for me. Once we start talking I am much more relaxed. Thank you for all of your suggestions, i think you gave me some real practical steps i can take. also, i like that you suggest to begin first with prayer. God has really laid it on my heart now as He is preparing for me ministry, to begin by devoting myself to prayer. Without prayer, we can do nothing.
God bless!