Introduction: Dion Kandima

(Dion Kandima) #1

Greeting all, the name is Dion Kandima from Zimbabwe but based in Stellenbosch South Africa. Like to describe my self firstly as a learner and secondly as a trainer. I serve at the Institute for Transformational Leadership (ITL) where our mandate is to is to empower emerging Christian leaders from all over the world to facilitate sustainable transformation towards healthy reconciled communities based on biblical principles. My role is to empowering “more people in more places” through the development of shorter trainings and tools, the empowerment of trainers; as well as by coordinating and developing the ALICT (African Leadership Institute for Community Transformation) curriculum where the intent is to empower the leaders to be relevant agents of change.

I have been learning and growing through the RZIM podcast, however after attending the RZIM Festival of Thought here in South Africa i realized the big need for me to be able to answer some questions that the people i interact with, so most recently i did the Core Module. I am excited for this new chapter in my faith joinery and to learn from you all.

(Anthony Costello ) #2


Dion, wow, it sounds like you are on an incredible journey! It’s always encouraging to me to hear about ministries in Africa and Asia that are empowering Christians with training in Bible and Theology. I hope that along with this kind of training that the Holy Spirit will guard the hearts and minds of those you are leading, and strengthen you in times of trail.

Here in the West we have all the resources and learning we could wish for, but often it does not sink in deeply. We are slaves to a scientific worldview that is often antithetical to the Gospel message. I hope that the RZIM modules will help you to navigate the questions that are being presented to you. God bless, and I look forward to interacting with you here on Connect.

in Christ,

(Warner Joseph Miller) #3

Welcome, my brother, to the Connect community! Glad to have you here and looking forward to your participation with us. I actually had planned on attending Festival of Thought in S.A. last April. Work and scheduling wouldn’t allow it. But I heard that it continued the legacy of great times of thoughtful discovery and great conversations. Again…glad to have you here, man.

(Kalyan Das) #4

Welcome Dion! Your work sounds exciting! Having had a career in the management of change in corporate and non-profit organisations, I can imagine the challenges you encounter. Empowering leadership is a vital part change and transformation. God bless you richly!

(Isaiah J. Armstrong) #5

Hello! Glad you could join us on Connect!