Introduction: Donna

(Donna Perry) #1

Hi everyone
My name’s Donna and I live in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. Grew up in L.A and moved to Vancouver, British Columbia many years ago then my family moved to Alberta. I have a wonderful divorced husband (as my Muslim friend calls him), two great adult kids and four sweet grandkids. I’m retired from Correctional Service Canada and so thankful to have more time for prayer and family.

I recently read a book called ‘His Word in My Heart’ written by Janet Pope. She has memorized 90 chapters and 11 New Testment books. That’s just about unbelievable but encouraging. I would be so blessed to memorize just a little of God’s word. So thank you Tim for inviting God’s people to memorize His word together. I’m so looking forward to not just memorizing but sharing what the Lord shows us as we take His word into our hearts. Hope I can do this!


(Warner Joseph Miller) #2

Welcome, Donna, to RZIM Connect!!!

(Donna Perry) #3

Thank you Warner. I’m really looking forward to being part of
this Bible memorization group.

(Tim Ramey) #4

Donna, you don’t realize how excited I am to have you join us in the Bible memorization group. A number of years ago, I memorized all of I John. I lost 3 of the chapters over time. A few years back, I was in a group and encouraged them to learn Romans 8 with me, 2 verses per week. We did that about 3 years ago and I’ve been doing it ever since. One has just 2 verses to memorize per week but to go over what you’ve learned is so vital. But Donna, it has changed my life. I love it and though it is work, it has paid great dividends.

To sign in to the group go to @Bible_Memorization_Group and add your name. You will receive any posts that are written by all of the members of the team in the area of Bible memorization. Please offer any input. In fact, I think that you should mention what you did about Janet Pope to the group. Not everyone gets your introduction.

Also, I’ve included your name on the world map. Thanks as I would love to have all 39 addresses but many just have not given it to me so they are not on the map. I think you get the award for the most northern member.

You came at a great time as we are going to do the book of Colossians and just began with the first two verses this week. I post the new verses every Saturday. It’s so great to have you along as you are psyched to memorize!

(Linda Nikitin) #5

Thursday, February 14, 2019
Welcome Donna to RZIM Connect and our Colossians group. I met Janet Pope several years ago at my church :church: here in Michigan when she came to share God’s Word via Bible memory. We have been friends ever since. Janet has a website

Thanks SO MUCH for sharing your heart with us.
I am working on Colossians. This morning I will try to say Colossians 1:1-18 by heart. I am SO HUNGRY for THE BIBLE. It helps me SO MUCH physically … I am stronger and stronger because of God’s Word and the power of God The Father, The Lord Jesus Christ, and God The Holy Spirit. I am 57 years old and I was born with Spastic Cerebral Palsy which affects just my legs so I have walked with crutches since I was 6 years old.
Memorizing God’s Word also helps me to think more clearly. It helps me emotionally - it strengthens and comforts me, and it helps me spiritually.
I am also working on The Gospel of John.
Linnie :blush::dove:

(Donna Perry) #6

What a beautiful testimony you have Linnie. And you’re way ahead in Colossians. I’m fine memorizing from a card but opening the Bible and seeing all four chapters of Colossians has me thinking - can I really do this. Up to now I’ve only memorized some Psalms.

  Hearing Janet Pope speak and becoming friends with her must be a great encouragement spiritually and for scripture memorization. I agree with you, God's word does make us stronger and in me has developed a greater trust in Him and a deeper desire for prayer and His word. I am part of one of the Bible Study Fellowship groups here. We have 189 women that meet every Thursday. We sing, pray, listen to a lecture then break up into our groups of 15 or so and review the 25 questions. Right now we are studying People of the Promised Land are in 2 Samuel. Like RZIM, BSF is worldwide and its very rich in the word of God.

  Thank you for sharing with me Linnie. You are an encouragement for me to not just memorize but think about what Jesus is speaking through Paul into our hearts and minds.

Grace and peace



(Donna Perry) #7

1 John would be a great book to memorize. I’ve only memorized a few Psalms and the first chapter of Titus. But as you found out, daily we have to review what we memorize or its forgotten. In her book, Janet Pope had a daily rotation schedule for reviewing each book she memorized right from waking up. She found it easier and more rewarding to review what she memorized during the day while doing daily tasks than Bible Study. I also liked that Janet, and you mentioned this too, to let the Holy Spirit speak to us while God’s words flow through our minds and hearts and draw us closer to God. And share what the Lord has spoken to us.

Do you still have Romans 8 memorized?  Romans is a deeply meaningful book. Bible Study Fellowship did a nine month study on Romans in 2016-17 and it was really wonderful to go so deep in that book. Did you find in certain circumstances the Holy Spirit spoke in and through you without you having to take a Bible and look up scriptures?

Thank you for sharing with me. You are very encouraging and I'm excited to memorize Colossians and tuck in my heart and mind what the Lord gives to me. And there's lots of direction from Paul that I'm expecting will live in us and while praying these living words will cover our friends and family.

Looking forward to starting our next week of memorizing.

Lord bless you in this ministry Tim and may we all bring God glory.


(Tim Ramey) #8

If you keep up with us on the memorization, I think that you will be blessed. Many years ago I memorized all 5 books of 1 John but did not keep up reviewing. Now I am keeping up with the first 2 chapters so I don’t lose them as the last 3 I’ll have to virtually start over again. It’s why I emphasize reviewing and retaining.

I have Romans 8 down very well but, of course, need to always keep reviewing. I do feel that if one learns only one chapter of the Bible, I would advise Romans 8. It is so rich! And yes, I find that the Holy Spirit so uses my memorized chapters to show or reveal something to me without getting my Bible out. I find that the Lord has spoken more to me in my memorized chapters a ways down the road more often than when I first memorized it.

Donna, it is not because you are joining me in “my” thing that blesses me. Rather, it is a sister in Jesus who so loves Him so much that she wants His Word to be as much a part of her as her skin and bones. Donna, it changed and continues to change me as it results in repentance, guidance, understanding and encouragement. And to be with others is like Hebrews 12 (which is an example of how it comes to mind as I memorized that chapter long ago) where it refers to being surrounded by a cloud of witnesses - we are cheering each other on to go for it! Bless you sister!

(Billie Corbett) #9

Hello Donna, :raising_hand_woman:

I am a West Coaster! Sad you had to leave beautiful BC for Alberta…:joy:.
Looking forward to reading your posts and topics.