Introduction: Dr. Nancy Linden

(Nancy Linden) #1

Hi Everyone, I am preparing for the topic of Fine Tuning and the Multiverse Argument for an Apologetic Tea Party at my home church in Savannah, GA for college ladies. If any of you out there has a golden nugget of joy on this topic, I welcome it. I will be sharing what I learn in my prep for this in April. :slight_smile:

(SeanO) #2

@nelinden Welcome to Connect! So cool that you are taking the time to mentor younger folks in the faith. Below are some resources, if you have not already read them, that you might find helpful. Christ bless your study and see you on the forms.

(Nancy Linden) #3

Thanks for this title, I will check it out!

(Kathleen) #4

Woo! What an amazing topic to broach with university students…esp girls…and what a great idea to have an Apologetic Tea Party! I might have to steal that idea. :smirk: Will be praying! Is there a particular college there in Savannah where these ladies will come from? And with Dr. as your title, I’m curious what your area of focus/research/expertise is? Something science related??

(Kathleen) #5

Oh, and I got so excited about asking you questions, I forgot to say: Welcome to Connect! We’re glad you’ve joined us. :grin:

(Nancy Linden) #6

Hi Kathleen,

I am a Critical Thinking Lecturer at a state university in the area of Humanities. I have organized 2 previous Apologetic Tea Parties for my church. The women of my church actually bring their wedding china and we dress tables the day before the lecture. We all gather with hats and boas and accessories to have a great time. The past 2 parties the topics were: The Historical Jesus and Considering God’s Creation (vs. Evolution). This year is the Fine Tuning Argument and I picked it because I think it is an easy concept to explain. I will study it for a few months and create a power point and then we will share this with our girls. We expect about 80 women this year. The idea of the Tea Party is that there is something for everyone. We give away vintage tea cups and usually a book that has to do with the topic. The ladies are free to ask questions among each other and with no guys allowed, there is a real discussion of what they do and do not understand. I am hoping to have a table leader retreat prior to this event so we can really train our college women on this topic. Next year I hope to do “What is Truth?” and speak to the ideas of relative and absolute truth. So very exciting indeed.

(Kathleen) #7

This is so amazing! Will be praying for this endeavour!

(Tim Ramey) #8

Oh, Dr Nancy, I love to know of such a critical thinker who are out there engaging others. I can’t wait until next year’s tea parties discusses " What is truth." What a most essential topic as so many see truth is whatever they make it to be. May Jesus guide you in your most pertinent vision.