Introduction: Elijah

(Elijah Tay) #1

Hi all!

I’m a beginning primary school teacher based in New Zealand. I first discovered RZIM through youtube. I love this community because it has helped me improve my ability to articulate my faith to others. I look forward to journey with you all through this forum!


(Benedict) #2

Welcome we are also excited to share what God has thought us so that we can improve our faith and relationship with Him God bless you always :pray::innocent::raised_hands:


Welcome to RZIM connect, Elijah :slight_smile:

(Joshua Spare) #4

That is fantastic, @Elijah! I love to hear that this community has already been a great resource for you! I certainly do wish you the best of luck as primary school teacher; that is a responsibility that I don’t think I could bear! I hope that you continue to find a great value in the conversations that you find here on Connect, and I certainly look forward to hearing more from you as you continue to engage in the conversations - I’m sure those kids will teach you a great deal! :wink:

(Kathleen) #5

Hello, @Elijah! I worked in a primary school for 6 years and absolutely loved the age range. What an important thing to be an educator at such formative years! May God bless your life and work in NZL and may this community be an encouragement to you. Welcome!