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Hello! I love RZIM and am drawn to people of other cultures (I am American). Particularly those who are European and post-Christian in their ideas and life as I have family in the UK, and I also love learning how to best love, understand, and dialogue with followers of Islam. I am a stay at home mom who is on a wild adventure of loving others, seeing others, and seeing how the world has truly come to us here in the Detroit Area!

(Olivia Davis) #2

Hi Emilee! It’s great to have you here. I like how you describe your life as a wild adventure! That rings true.

That’s wonderful that you’re learning about engaging with followers of Islam. I bet you’ll have a lot of insight there and on post-Christian Europe. I look forward to hearing from you in the discussions!

Welcome to Connect!

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Thank you! Now I have to just figure out how to navigate this technology…how am I a dinosaur already?! :grinning:

(Kathleen) #4

Welcome to Connect, @EGL! We’re glad you’ve joined us here, and we pray that this community will be one that strengthens and encourages you on your journey. Is the family you mention above based in Scotland (per your other post about ministries in Scotland)? I’m down in England, but I was once in Scotland for a brief stint, and it is a place very close to my heart!

(Emilee Lavigne ) #5

Hi Kathleen. Yes, my sister lives in Scotland with her children. Its been nearly 15 years. I have had the privilege to travel there a lot, and when I step off the plane it feels like home. I have a deep love for my family there, but there is a lot of pain, complication, and distance. I have a dream of one day living there, and of also seeing an awakening of faith. For the salvation of my family as well.

I have done research, found ministries, emailed a few people, even presented 20 Schemes to my church as a potential global partner. But the fact remains that I live here (Detroit). So for now, I pray. I dream. I go there and try to show love to my sister and anyone that I meet. I think my goal is to make a friend over there who can help me dream. And then just see what the Lord does. There is a lot more in my heart and imagination! Maybe you are that person to chat with! :slight_smile: thanks for writing me. Where in England are you? And what was your experience (and location) in Scotland?

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