Introduction: Emily Allbaugh

(Emily Allbaugh) #1

Hi RZIM Community,

My name is Emily Allbaugh and hail from the San Francisco Bay Area. I am a Core Module alumna, lover of prayer, wife to an amazing husband, and work in the Learning & Development space.

I’m for RZIM particularly because it brings not only intellectually rigorous, Biblical answers to the big questions of life, but also because the heart is always at the front and center.

Here’s to learning together!

(Elaine Myers) #2

Here’s to learning together!


(Joshua Spare) #3

Welcome to Connect, @emilyallbaugh! I love the Bay Area, and am highly envious that you live there! I’m not familiar with the phrase “Learning & Development space” - what is that? Sorry if that is a silly question! I’m excited that you have joined the commuting here, and I look forward to seeing out on the forums! Blessings!

(Jerry T. Van Aken) #4

Welcome Emily! This is a great place for discussion.

(Keldon Scott) #5

Welcome aboard @emilyallbaugh! Welcome from Michigan. Love having the West Coast joining us. I love the courses that rzim offers for the very reason that you love rzim: the heart of the speakers and the organization is pure and dedicated. I hope you get an opportunity to take some electives. I’m taking the what does it mean to be a human elective right now. We just started. Very interesting and enlightening. I look forward to reading your posts.

(Emily Allbaugh) #6

It is an energizing area, indeed! It’s a blessing to get to be here, however long it lasts :slight_smile: Learning & Development revolves around training in the workplace - my favorite type of trainings are ones that work on bumping up employee engagement, reinforces a company’s values, or helps identify and provide skills for employees to continue to grow (in life and career). For instance, at my previous company I led multi-day trainings for new hires to help them understand how to be successful at that company and provide skills to help them do so. All about creating space for people to learn and play with and internalize ideas instead of just being talked at…hope that helps!

(Joshua Spare) #7

That is really fantastic, and it sounds like an incredibly invigorating career! I certainly am really glad to have you here on Connect!

(Valerie ) #8

Sounds like a fruitful skills training course. Glad you joined and know you’ll be fast followed with your ability to communicate everyday life into applicable improvements.