Introduction: Eric John

(Eric John Baliwag) #1

Hi everyone!
Im Eric John currently working in South Korea but im from Philippines! Ive known Dr. Ravi just for 2 years, he was just a guest preacher in a certain pentecostal church in the philippines that ive watched from youtube and he blew my mind away! My Faith grew since then and i know with this apps will grow my faith furthermore

(SeanO) #2

@Eric_John_Baliwag Welcome! So glad you have joined us. May the Lord Jesus bless you richly through your time here.

(Randy Bradford) #3

Welcome to RZIM Connect. I spent a year in Subic Bay back in 1982 and think the it is such a wonderful, beautiful land. In addition the people there are very genuine and friendly. Ravi and his ministry have greatly helped me understand my faith better too and I am sure this newest tool will be yet another way to grow deeper in our understanding. If ever I can help you at all please let me know. Welcome.