Introduction: Felix Tallabas

(Felix Tallabas) #1

Hello, my name is Felix. I’ve been a follower of Jesus for 4 yrs. I attend Church of The Nazarene and i am currently looking forward to study an elective from RZIM Academy now that im done with The Core Module. I feel like eveyone that has The calling into Ministry should know and learn Apologetics in order to defend our Christian belief and to prove to people God is true and Jesus is God. My Wife and I are currently working into joining Nazarene Theological Seminary to become Pastors.

God Bless

In Christ

(Lakshmi Mehta) #2

@Felix_Tallabas, Welcome to Connect! I am so happy to hear of the passion for the Lord as a couple towards His purposes. Something that is not always possible. God bless your studies and I look forward to learning with you as you add your thoughts to this community.

(Warner Joseph Miller) #3

Welcome, Felix, to the Connect community! Glad to have you here, my brother, and am looking forward to hearing from you as you’re learning and growing as a result of the RZIM module. Truly, man! It’s an exciting time. Hope to see you soon around the CONNECT neighborhood!:wink: