Introduction for Julian b

Hello all, I’m excited to join this community and be able to bounce off my ideas on people that I can trust with my opinion.

I am from Seattle WA, USA and currently live in North Carolina

I joined connect because I’m interested to see what the community says about certain topics and I would love to help answer the questions that I used to have as a younger christian. I also enjoy writing and would love any opportunity to be able to contribute to RZIM in any way I can.

I hope to participate by contributing answers to questions that I myself have had answered as well as ask a few questions. I also enjoy writing very much so if any one here has ideas or efforts I can join to help in writing if essays, I would much appreciate it. Also if there are members on here who would help me by proofreading some of the stuff I’ve written I would greatly appreciate it!


Hi Julian
What are the areas you are particularly interested in - or are they a more general range of topics?
What have you written that you’d like proof-read? If you list topics and length some people might have time and knowlege to help.

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Welcome aboard @julian.g.bermudez. Thanks for being with us from North Carolina. You will be a great addition to this forum. Thank you for your enthusiasm. And I loved

You are already contributing. Please do encourage new members or others who may be struggling. There are so many discussions that you may be intrested in being involved. Participate as frequently as you are comfortable. God-bless you and your journey.

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Hello, welcome to RZIM Connect @julian.g.bermudez


Yea thank you for your question and help. I started a personal blog and could use some extra eyes for content and making sure it makes sense. Thank you so much!


Hi Julian,
It’s so great to have yu here! Hope to have meaningful discussions

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what is the location of your blog?

Thanks for reading!

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