Introduction: Fred

(Fred C Bergamo) #1

Hi everyone…My name is Fred, from New Jersey…just turned 80…have been reading and listening to Ravi for many years…since the beginning of the ministry! Are any of you familiar with Reiki(?) therapy. A young woman (25) employed in the office I am affiliated with has anxiety issues and has sought out the above therapy. I have begun to carefully witness to her. I think you understand why. Can you give me advice and sources that might be helpful. Thank you Fred B

(Kathleen) #2

Welcome, @Fred! So glad to have you on here! I love your heart for your co-workers and will pray for your witness to and support of this particular one, esp. as she deals with anxiety and all the issues that brings about. :slight_smile: Unfortunately, I have heard of but am unfamiliar with this type of therapy, but I wish I could help you out. Though I will encourage you, if you don’t get any good replies on this thread, to make a new thread in the ‘Daily Evangelism’ category. More people browse those topics, so you’d have a better chance of getting some good feedback there!

(Fred C Bergamo) #3

Where do I find the “Daily evangelism” category?

(Carson Weitnauer) #4

Hi Fred, try this link: #daily-evangelism

(Joshua Spare) #5

Welcome @Fred! I am incredibly encouraged to hear that you are keeping strong at 80 in preaching the good news of our Saviour! I pray that God will bless you and your words and deeds as you continue to engage with the people around you! As Kathleen and Carson pointed out, #daily-evangelism will indeed be a great place to try out a question and see what this community has to offer. Blessings on you!