Introduction from Giselle


(Giselle Seidel) #1

Hello everyone! My name is Giselle Seidel, I am from Mexico City but currently I live in North Carolina with my husband and our two little daughters that the Lord has blessed us with. We love the Lord with all of our hearts and we keep working everyday on our faith and spiritual growth, praying for God to lead us to serve him better. God has blessed us beyond measure! I’ve been following the talks of Ravi Zacharias and the team for the last year and I absolutely love them! I have never studied religion or apologetics formally, but I do study on my own. ( If it’s God’s will someday I will study formally! )

As a former student of social sciences I did study some philosophy and I remember how hard it was for me to be a believer in College, with the pressure of so many agnostic or atheist teachers and fellow students. Particularly in a country where it’s not so easy to find other evangelical christians in College.
I value the work of RZIM deeply and I pray that all these resources will reach thousands of College students to help them remain strong in their faith.
I’m very excited to join Connect hoping to learn a lot and to be a blessing to others. Praise God for this ministry!

Introduction from Nathalie
(Carson Weitnauer) #2

Hi @giselleseidel, welcome to Connect! I’m so delighted that you have joined.

It is still in its launch stage, but you also may find the #apologistas-hispanos category of interest, if you happen to be a Spanish speaker, and/or want to invite any Spanish-speaking family and friends in Mexico to join Connect. Also, all the site text can be changed into Spanish on the preferences tab ( I don’t want to presume that you are a Spanish speaker, but I wanted to let you know about those options just in case.

Anyways, I am glad you’ve joined! I look forward to learning from you! I’d love to know what talks from Ravi and the team have been most helpful to you and what questions you are still investigating.

(Keldon Scott) #3

It is so nice to have you aboard. I trust that you will engaging some of the forums. There are a lot of very very caring and engaging members out here. I hope you get as much out of this site as I do, and God bless on all of your endeavors. Welcome @giselleseidel

(Vaisal Dathan) #4

Hi Giselle Siedel,
Encouraged to hear that you as a family love the Lord so much.
May Lord enable all of you to grow to the full stature of Christ.
God bless you.
Vaisal Dathan,

(Giselle Seidel) #5

Thank you so much @advvaisal for your encouraging message, it means a lot. Please pray for me and my family that we might truly grow that way. I’ll be praying for you. So interesting that you’re from India, do you live there? I know there is so much work to do. How is the church growing there?

(Giselle Seidel) #6

Thank you so much @Keldon_Scott, I read your message before but Im still learning how to use Connect. I appreciate your warm welcoming and I will pray for you. Hope we keep in touch.

(Vaisal Dathan) #7

Hi giselleseidel,
I am living in India.
Of course so much work should be done. India is a highly populated country. Many are yet unreached. By God’s grace, Churches are being planted in a rapid pace. Official record shows less number, but Christians are more that what they show. Northern India is having less Christian presence. I am at southern part of India. Here, Christians are more in number in comparison to northern states.
More south Indian people need to go to Northern side of the Country to reach them. That is important.
BJP/RSS is the political party in power at Central Government. They oppose evangelism and churches tooth and nail. They are against church activities. In some states of India, Anti-Conversion Laws are also passed. In a layman look, this law penalizes those who ‘convert’ people from one faith to the other. Mostly affected by this is we Christians.
Need a lot of prayer.
Let’s pray.
God is working. Nobody can hold His mighty hands.

(Vaisal Dathan) #8

Lets thank God for the freedom He has granted so for.
God loves India.