Introduction:Gabi Calderon

(Gabriela Calderon) #1

Hi everyone,

My name is Gabriela, I am 31 and I am from Costa Rica. I have been a christian for 4 years and it has been a very hard process for me to feel confident about defending my faith. My family believes in God but they don’t live a christian life and I honestly think they don’t even understand what Jesus did for us. Thank God he blessed me with great friends to whom I share my faith with and a couple of months ago I discovered Apologetics which I am absolutely obsessed with! I studied psychology but I decided not to continue pursuing a higher degree and now I have a lot of time in my hands which I would love to use to glorify the Lord and get to know him more deeply. I am planning to take some courses online next year here at RZIM and I am very excited I found this community and I can get to read so many topics and share with you all!


(Joshua Spare) #2

Hello, @GabiC! Welcome to Connect! I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to have your family around and not believe in the good news of Jesus! But praise God for Him bringing your community of friends around you! I’m really excited that you found your way here to Connect; I’m sure that you will find a great deal of support and wisdom from the community here. I look forward to seeing your engagement, especially as you begin those courses! Welcome!

(Gabriela Calderon) #3

Thank you Joshua, much appreciated!

(Warner Joseph Miller) #4

Welcome to Connect, Gabriela! Thanks for sharing a bit of your background. All of us on Connect have varying stories and situations that we are trudging through as it pertains to having and living a faith in a fallen world. What I believe we’ve all acknowledged is that we can’t live victoriously in this world without the help of the Body - a community of believers and followers of Jesus - help, aid, sometimes challenge and always love us through. I’m glad that you’re here as apart of that community and I hope that we may serve you in a way that’s fruitful, encouraging and empowering to you – to God’s glory!!! Great to have you here, sister! Welcome!