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Hi everyone, I’m Graham from Aberdeen, Scotland, I live here with my wife and four daughters who are all under 7. I came to Christ as a boy before wandering disasterously in my teens and returning to Him in my early 20’s (20 years ago now). I had a powerful personal encounter with Christ at that time and I have just seen so much of His hand since that I have quite a simple trust in Him, peripheral questions yes but the fundamentals answered. However I’ve felt a burden to share the good news with others, with clarity, particularly in the confused times we’re in in the UK. I’ve really valued RZIM over these last 5 years or so and very grateful for the excellent resources God has provided for this present time.

(Isaiah J. Armstrong) #2

Hello Graham!
Welcome to Connect! It’s great you could join us and look forward to your contributions!

(Graham Alder) #3

Thank you? :grinning:

(Graham Alder) #4

That was meant to be an exclamation mark (!) lol :joy:

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Welcome aboard @GJAlder. Love having you join from Scotland. I am sure your experiences will be of assistance too many here. Please lend your insight and commentary as often as you are able. God bless you.

(Graham Alder) #7

Thank you! God Bless.

(Kathleen) #8

Welcome, @GJAlder! Always good to have Scots on here. :blush: I lived up near Inverness for a couple of years, and the Highlands are now in my blood! May God bless your time on here for mutual encouragement and challenge. All the best to you!