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Hi everyone:

I am a believer in Christ who has studied apologetics for years. I listen and read Ravi, William Lane Craig, John Lennox, C.S. Lewis, Dorothy Sayers, and others daily. I am still a neophyte.

I am looking for Ravi’s answers to one of the most common barriers to belief that Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. If God is Good, how can milllions who have not heard the gospel be condemed to Hell? I could start with explaining general revelation, as Paul relates in Romans 18. This scratches the surface. While I dig through my library, I’ve also been looking for Ravi’s answers to this. Can any point to good resources?

Thanks in advance!


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Good morning and welcome aboard . So glad you have joined. This site is exactly for the types of questions that you are asking. The question on hell is a really good and tough one. For a start check out the discussion at: Ask Away In the mean time please be reminded that if you seek in earnest you shall receive. I pray that you find the rational response and that you will be equipped to share with others. God-bless you and your journey.

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Another good thread to peruse is as follows:

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@gmcressman Welcome to Connect! May the Lord Jesus bless your time here. Here are a few other threads, in addition to the resource suggested by @Keldon_Scott, that you may consider giving a read. The Spirit of Christ grant you wisdom and understanding.