Introduction: Greg

(Greg Tarbutton) #1

Hi everyone I attended the CSLewis Apologetics course level 1 in Atlanta 10 years ago then moved to NC mountains. Since then I have attended RZIM events in Charlotte and Vancouver . I have a degree in Philosophy from Boston College and have spent most of my career in housing the disadvantaged . My interest is supporting the campus ministries on my local college campus.

(SeanO) #2

@milestj1 Welcome to Connect! Wow, that sounds like a great ministry. A pastor friend pointed me to the below book about a man who helped the homeless in his community and I really enjoyed it. What do you find are some of the complexities of helping house the disadvantaged? The Lord Jesus bless your ministry with those in need and on the college campuses.

(Greg Tarbutton) #3

Thank you I will check out the book

(Kathleen) #4

Welcome, @milestj1! We’re glad you’ve joined us here and are already making use of the community. :slight_smile: We pray this is a place of encouragement for you on your journey. Blessings on your life and work!

(Keldon Scott) #5

Welcome aboard @milestj1. We are glad you joined. Blessings to your ministry. And we pray that you will participate often. Please share with us some of the blessings and challenges that you encounter with your mission field. This forum is fortunate to have someone with your background and experiences joining us. God-bless.


Welcome Greg,
I pray for you and your campus ministry. This is such a vital role to help to strengthen and establish our young people in Christ at such a crucial juncture in their lives. Blessings!

(Trisha Wood) #7

Welcome, Greg! Glad to have your Boston College philosophy added to our community!
How are you able to use the information you received at the C.S. Lewis and RZIM apologetics courses in your work or in supporting campus ministries?

(Greg Tarbutton) #8

Thank you for your kind words . I do need to clarify something though . I work with a campus minister and a fair amount of the students work for me at the resort where I handle the outdoor program . I attend campus events and we have had 2 events with the secular humanist society . I view my roll as someone they can ask ? to. Dialogue and being there is what I do . The campus ministers do the heavy lifting.I view my job as to support them