Introduction: Gregg Johnston


(Gregg Johnston) #1

Hi everybody,

My name is Gregg Johnston, and I live in South Carolina in the Charlotte, NC area. I am a follower of Jesus since 1981, married to my wife Karry since 1988, have two homeschooled graduated kids (Ian 26 and Abby 21) and work at a huge software company. I am currently studying for my M-Div with a concentration in Chaplaincy at Regent University Online. I hope to retire from my current job in 2021, finish up my studies, and enter the chaplaincy ministry.

I have been listening to Ravi since the early 1990’s when he had a Sunday show on the only Christian radio station in Boston. Each Sunday, I would get up early with my then baby boy and feed him while growing my brain in apologetics. I am in a strange place theologically as I am a part of the charismatic/Pentecostal/renewal movement, but I am also very aligned with apologetics, philosophy and other religions. I can be found reading John Wimber or William Lane Craig. I love praying for people to be healed and then discussing the Trinity with them. Just because a person’s knee feels better does not mean their questions have been answered!

Anyway, I am really looking forward to this discussion board as well as interacting with other like-minded and otherwise minded folks!


(SeanO) #2

@greggpj Welcome to Connect! The Lord bless your family and your ministry. It’s exciting to hear of your desire to serve the Lord. I also have a background in software engineering - what language do you write in mostly?

(Gregg Johnston) #3

Hey Sean,

No languages. I used to do Technical Support but have moved into the services area helping customers move to that thing known as the cloud. :grinning:


(SeanO) #4

@greggpj Yes, the servers sitting in someone else’s server room now renamed to cloud :slight_smile:

(Warner Joseph Miller) #5

Hey there, Gregg! Welcome to CONNECT, brother. I took note that you’re in South Carolina. How’s everything doing down there? I’ve been hearing how Florence has been really hitting y’all. How’s everything?

(Omar Rushlive Lozada Arellano) #6

Hello @greggpj. Welcome to Connect! Looking forward to learn with you here! :slight_smile:

(Gregg Johnston) #7

Hey Warner,

Charlotte is due to get the weather tomorrow afternoon into late in the day Sunday. We are looking at some nasty flooding and wind. Pray for those on the coast that are getting pounded right now.


(Carson Weitnauer) #8

Hi @greggpj, it is great to have you join Connect! There are many parents in the community who will benefit from your encouragement and prayers. We all need that active experience of a supernatural God and the renewal of our minds. I trust your example will be a blessing to many others as we support one another here.

(Warner Joseph Miller) #9

Absolutely, brother!!! You and your family AND the people will definitely be in prayers, man.:pray:t6: Thanks for letting us know.

(Jimmy Sellers) #10

Welcome to connect. I attend a church in Easley SC. Our preacher is often accused of being a Bapticostal mostly in the style of great music accompanied with spontaneous shouts, clapping and hand raising. Did I mention great preaching? Looking forward to your thoughts and comments. I also work in the industrial automation space.