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Hello, my name is Hannah Mae and I’m from the Philippines. I finished the core module from the RZIM academy and have not stopped reading and listening to other apologists such as Os Guinness, Ravi and other church leaders since then. I am more challenged with my faith and how I can share it in a way that is relevant and responsive to the challenges of our times and culture. With that established, I hope to be a more active member in this family as I learn from everyone and also to share what I can. Glad to be a part of this group.


Hello @kiichimae welcome to connect , I’m from Indonesia , but live in Sydney .
Nice to meet you ,hope we can learn together to grow our faith


Hello Hannah, welcome to Connect.


Hello @kiichimae, it’s wonderful to have you here. I trust you will learn and grow here as you browse through the various topics. Please feel free to offer your thoughts and insight. What was the most profound lessen for you in the Core Module? I hope to hear more from you in this forum :pray:t3:


Hi Hannah! @kiichimae
Welcome to Connect :relaxed:
I’m so glad you loved the Core Module! I’m with you- I just love listening to the RZIM speaking team.
I think you’ll find this community to be similar to that of the CM forums- great talks, and sharing of ideas - in a respectful and helpful way.
Enjoy looking around…hope to see you out there!


@sig The lesson on trinity had so much impact to me. It is one of the biggest questions I had and I’ve never seen an explanation presented that way before. I’m so glad I took the course and I’m happy to meet you too.


So glad to have you here. I agree that the lesson on Trinity is so persuasive and understandable. It is really important that we as christians understand this and are able to explain to others. Thank you for joining us. I love having the Academy alumni joining because the foundation of origin meaning morality and destiny is so helpful for those that are here asking questions. God-bless you and your journey.


Welcome @kiichimae

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Welcome Hannah Mae.


@Keldon_Scott thank you and I’m looking forward to more interactions with you too.