Introduction: Harrison

(Harrison Sumit ) #1

Hi everyone

My name is Harrison. I am an Indian and living in Scotland. I am doing God’s works since I was in primary school. I love the feeling of “God is with me always”. I have never listen to any other preacher on online stuff apart from Ravi Sir. He is just amazing. I feel very close to him in Spirit when he speaks. I have answered the same way he answered the most of the questions. I believe the answer of any and every problem is Jesus Christ. I am so happy that God chose me to do HIs will.
I am looking to grow more in faith and not hesitate to share my faith to any person and in any circumstances. This year I have 3 Cs to do. Curiosity to know God, Challenge myself to preach or share the word of God and Charity.
I am mentoring to be the Church of Scotland ministry and hopefully God will make me his instrument and bring more people to his fold.
I am so happy to be a part of this Family.
God bless you all


(Carson Weitnauer) #2

Welcome @Harrison03, I’m glad you’ve joined. It is wonderful to know God’s presence with us. I love Brother Lawrence’s book, The Practice of the Presence of God, for encouragement about living in his presence and for his purposes. I look forward to learning and growing with you.

(Emily Kimani) #3

Welcome Harrison.

That’s amazing and I hope what we learn here motivates you and gives you courage to pursue God’s heart.


(Warner Joseph Miller) #4

Wow, Harrison! So great to have you here! Welcome to RZIM Connect, brother. Your work for the Lord sounds wonderful! AND your 3C’s are great! (I hope we may ALL borrow them and make sure they’re on all our to-do lists):wink: Looking forward to hearing more from you, Harrison. Again, WELCOME!

(Harrison Sumit ) #5

thank you Warner

(Terry Black) #6

Welcome Harrison! I too share a fascination with Ravi and his teachings have had a huge role in bringing me to apologetic s. I am so glad to hear of your plans in ministry and the path you have been on. May God bless you in all you do! Welcome!

(Keldon Scott) #7

Welcome aboard @Harrison03. Love your goal for this year the 3 c’s. Also I love your heart and knowledge that the Lord is with you always. I wish you the best in your pursuits in Scotland. Please keep us apprised of your progress. God-bless your efforts and your path.