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(Harvey Nimmo) #1

Hi everyone. I’m Harvey, a Brit living in north Germany. I studied Physics and worked until my retirement in the aerospace industry, about 38 years in Germany, finally in support of the European operations on the International Space Station operations.

I gave my life to Jesus at the age of 14 and was baptised at 16. I have been married to Jenny for 48 years and our 6 super kids have presented us with 14 lovely grandchildren.

Now in retirement i am on the board of governers of a Christian school. That is a terrific opportunity to help thinkers to beiieve and believers to think.

(SeanO) #2

@harvey Welcome to Connect! Your life sounds like quite an adventure. May Christ bless your family, your ministry and your time here on Connect.

(Keldon Scott) #3

@harvey welcome aboard. Sounds like you’ve had many experiences. How does the physics background you have interplay with your role at the school? I’m sure you’ll be a great asset to this site. Share often, and I look forward to reading your posts.

(Carson Weitnauer) #4

Hi @Harvey,

Welcome! I appreciate the example you have set before us of running the race well. Your work on the International Space Station has had benefits for all of us. I look forward to learning from you in the discussions here, getting to know you better, and as we’re able, encouraging you in your walk with Christ.

To pop an idea out there - we’d love to have the students at the school where you serve ask their faith questions in Connect!

(Harvey Nimmo) #5

Thanks for your encouragement! I’m very much in the learning phase, how I might be able to contribute to the site.

The school is a Christian foundation. It has around 1500 pupils from 6 to 18 years of age. About 80% of them are not associated with a church. All staff are committed Christians.

I am constantly in touch with the teachers and seeking ways of encouraging them to see their teaching subjects as important for their faith. Obviously, their walk with Jesus is their biggest witness, but also If they know why they are teaching what they teach as integral to their faith, then that must also make a significant contribution to their witness.

In my opinion, the physics teachers have the easiest job in that respect: “The heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament proclaims his handiwork…Their voice goes out through all the earth…The law of the Lord is perfect reviving the soul”. If that is true, we would be stupid not to ‘listen’ to that voice and experience the excitement of discovering how God did it!

That is good for the sciences, but where is the ‘hook’ in the other subjects, the humanities? How does the Zeitgeist permeate our thinking and our teaching material? How can we respect the strictures of the German educational system without compromising our witness? etc, etc

(Harvey Nimmo) #6

Hi Carson. That is a good idea, probably not only for the pupils but also for their teachers. One problem might be the language, though…hmm

(Carson Weitnauer) #7

Hi Harvey, I would like to one day set up a German-speaking section of Connect. The challenge will be having a moderator who is fluent in German to oversee the area. But it is technically possible. Also, the entire interface of the site can be had in German - members can change their language preference here -

With the interface in German and posts in German, it would be quite easy to use the site for German speakers. :slight_smile:

For now, if there are English speakers among the pupils and teachers, we would be delighted to have them join and ask questions as needed.

(Harvey Nimmo) #8

Wow. I will need to air the idea when summer vacation ends at the beginning of August.