Introduction: Hi all!

(Armando Bordales) #1

Hi everyone!

I was checking out the link to the upcoming Church Leaders Conference and found out about RZIMConnect. Cool! Definitely hanging around. :smile:

(Brittany Bowman) #2

Welcome to Connect! The Church Leaders Conference sounds like it is set to be a wonderful event. Glad you are attending! Do you pastor a local church in your area? Your church members will certainly benefit from having a leader studying with others here on Connect, and they may enjoy joining us here, too!

(Kathleen) #3

Woo! Glad you’ve joined us, @Armando! Where are you based in the world?

(Armando Bordales) #4

Thanks for the warm welcome! I’m an expat worker in Qatar. I’m part of the Teaching/Pastoring team of a Filipino congregation here. Though I’m not quite decided yet on the upcoming Church Leaders Conference. :smile: I can purchase the material afterwards right?

(Kathleen) #5

I’m pretty sure you can purchase access after the event! :slight_smile: And, Qatar?! Very interesting. I’ve neve been to the middle east. Would love to visit one day! How long have you been there? And is there are pretty large Filipino population there?

(Armando Bordales) #6

We are almost half a million Filipinos here already, I think. Dubai is more open in terms of religious conversations but Doha i think is just behind it. The Catholic Church is here, the Anglican, and we do have the Evangelical Churches Alliance which is largely Filipino. A group of independent, smaller house churches. And more house churches are born every day! Well, maybe not every day… hehe

(Daren L McClellan) #7

Hello Armando. That is a cool name.

(Armando Bordales) #8

Hi Daren! Thanks! You got a cool name too! :wink: