Introduction: Hi - I'm Duff

(DuffBrowne) #1

Hi everyone
My wife and I are working in a refugee relocation area where we manage a small ESL program for (at least now mostly) ladies. We’ve got a fascinating group of ethnicities right in our own neighborhood, and have some Muslim friends that we are spending more and more time with. They are increasingly asking “interesting” questions, and we are enjoying the opportunities that God is giving us to share.
They ask such good questions. And we want to learn how to better answer them…
Lord willing, we’ll be in Ga. for the Understanding and Answering Islam Conference coming up shortly, and that’s why I’m “connecting” now. Looking forward to this form of community!

(SeanO) #2

@DuffBrowne Welcome to Connect! May Christ richly bless your ministry with the refugees and guide you to the right resources to answer their questions.

(Andrew Bulin) #3

Hey @DuffBrowne!
Welcome to the community. :slight_smile:
I’m thankful for you and your wife being able to work along side each other with refugees. I’d love to hear some of the interesting questions you’re getting sometime. May make a good topic for everyone to wrestle through.

God bless!

(David Bruce Young) #4

Sounds great! You might be blessed and helped by The Margins of Islam, edited by Gene Daniels. You can find it on Amazon Kindle. You might have to go to The William Carrie Library for a paper or hardback.