Introduction: I am Kingsley Bature

(Kingsley Bature) #1

Hi everyone,

I completed a course in RZIM academy sometime in 2014, but I have listened to Dr Ravi for years before through the “let my people think” broadcast. I run diverse businesses from cosmetics to construction but I also serve as a Director of Ministries in my home church here in Lagos Nigeria. I look forward to much valued interaction here to find ways to advance the course of Christ in my community. Although I hope (:pray:) to one day attend a conference where I get to meet Dr Ravi and the other great apologist in person (lol!):wink::wink:

Glad to be here

(Brittany Bowman) #2

Welcome to Connect, Kingsley! I have a friend from Nigeria- what a wonderful country. I pray your life may shine Christ’s brightly and am thankful for the many ways God has revealed Himself to you already. Looking forward to hearing more from you on the threads. Praise the Lord for your heart to reach others!

(Kingsley Bature) #3

Thank you so much Brittany for the welcome and the prayer. I look forward to engaging conversations and creative ways to advancing the course of christ.