Introduction - I’m new. I’m Lisa

Say hello…hi!!

Where are you from?
I’m from Dearborn

What led you to join Connect?

Wanted to thank and honor Ravi after news of his recent condition

How do you hope to contribute? Not sure but looks like a great forum.


Welcome Lisa, :sunflower:

We are truly thankful for the outpouring of image bearers :shield:, like yourself, who wish to honor Ravi, what a blessing this will be for him to read the gratitude of those he has touched over several decades.

Here is a link for you to write your message. #ThankYouRavi

While you are here, peruse Connect and join in on a discussion or two. :tulip:


@LisaS Hi Lisa, you’re really welcome to Connect. Thank you for coming to share some words for Ravi. When you have time, feel free to browse conversations in Connect and you may find one or two that you have have something to contribute to. Blessings.

Welcome, Lisa - and may we all thank God that the Savior Ravi pointed so many of us to has assured us saying, I will never leave thee nor forsake thee!