Introduction Iain J


(iain johnston) #1

Hi RZIM connect.
Its great to connect across the world to people eager to learn and share about the Lord and His Kingdom.
Its rare for me to meet and be able to discuss with rigor important topics that we sometimes only touch on in the courses.
As I have four and soon to be five youngsters running around our house, time is a precious commodity, so this format suits perfectly. (what a great idea to invent this forum- the internet can be used for enormous good!)
My prediction is that RZIM will be one of the most prominent platforms to train evangelists now and in the near future across the world.
blessings all,
Love in Him,

(SeanO) #2

@iain_johnston Welcome to Connect! May the Lord bless you and your family was you walk with Him. Look forward to seeing you out on the forums.

(Jimmy Sellers) #3

Welcome to the forum. I will looking forward your contributions and yes this is a great place to discuss all things Kingdom.

(Joshua Spare) #4

Welcome, @iain_johnston! I have one kid, and time already seems scarce, so I can hardly imagine 5! I’m excited to have you join us on this online community, and to begin joining in the rigorous conversation; I’m certain that your participation will help to encourage that rigorousness! If I may, what brought you to Connect? Did you have a question in particular that you were hoping to address?

Again, welcome! I hope you find this community immensely edifying!

(Carson Weitnauer) #5

Hi @iain_johnston,

Welcome! May the Lord’s will be done - whether that involves us or not! For now, my prayer is that each of us would take responsibility to set a high bar for our participation in Connect. Let’s ask great questions. Let’s provide thoughtful, respectful answers. I believe this community can be known for an unusual level of quality and kindness. I welcome you joining the team and helping us achieve these goals!