(Bernie Baroni) #1

Hi everyone, my name is Jack (I don’t like Bernie so I changed it). I live five minutes from Berkeley California. I was born in SF and moved to Berkeley when I was seven. I left at age 17 and l returned to the Bay Area around age 23. God called me to play music for His Glory years ago. I have had successes and failures in my attempt to answer his call. I began listening to Ravi in the late eighties or thereabouts. I’ve always been attracted to and blessed by his brilliant mind, humility, wit, and his unwavering commitment to serving the living God. I am thrilled that God led me to this site! I am a very curious individual and I’ve had questions throughout my entire Christian walk, some of which I have had to “shelf” to keep my walk from being seriously hindered. I was raised Atheist and at age 18 began earnestly searched for answers to some of life’s profound questions - ultimately leading to an encounter with the Trinity the same year. Thanks so much for creating this site! I look forward to discussing questions, learning, and contributing to the community.

(Jacob Cheriyan) #2

Hi Jack. Thank you for sharing a bit of your life story here with us. I hope that you will be able to ‘unshelf’ some of those questions that you have been having. It can give you clarity and a deep commitment to Jesus Christ rather than being a hindrance.