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(Jacqueline Reynolds) #1

Hi everyone. There is never a time that in my life when I was not connected to a church. I treasure that heritage - the traditional hymns are deeply set in my heart. Unfortunately the Bible was not seen as the inspired Word of God by many in that church so I grew to worship a God that closely resembled my self. Shortly before I graduated from college I rededicated myself to the Lord and this time, I started to read the Bible. That was more than a few years ago and I have enjoyed listening to RZIM programs over most of those years and I believe belonging to this community will an important step in being able to answer faith related questions and intelligently share my faith with anyone I might meet, know or work with. I want others to see the wonderful details contained in Scripture and the “reasonable-ness” of the Christian faith.

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@jreynolds Welcome to Connect! It is exciting to hear how God has worked in your life. May you continue to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus through your time here. See you on the forums.

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Hi @jreynolds,

Welcome to Connect! I am encouraged that you’ve joined and shared your story with us. I would be interested to hear more in what factors drew you to rededicate yourself to the Lord and read the Bible.

It is definitely the case that if you practice asking questions and helping others with their questions in Connect that you will become increasingly prepared to have respectful, substantive conversations with your family and friends face-to-face. And it is a lot of fun. :slight_smile:


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Hello @jreynolds. I’m happy to hear about you rededicating yourself to the Lord. I look forward to learn with you in the forums. Let’s strengthen each other, so that we can help others in seeing the beauty of Christ. Welcome to Connect! :slight_smile:

(Jacqueline Reynolds) #5


God was so patient with me as He drew me back in - I basically lived my own way through most of my college years. No super-dramatic stories but not great either. But a friend I had made my Freshman year joined Campus Crusade for Christ in our Sophomore year (awesome story there) but I did not see her very often. Plus she made me a bit uneasy being around her - I could feel the difference.
Almost everyone I knew, graduated in June but I had an internship over the summer and finished my schooling with one more term in the Fall (won’t say what year this was!). The internship was in Europe and God used that whole time to prepare my heart and make me realize how fragile life could be and that maybe I did not have everything figured out. I went back into the dorms in Sept and by “chance” this friend was on my floor and we reconnected.She asked me to attend a presentation on “Male/Female Differences” by Eddie Eggrich (now he has written a few books etc) and when he gave an invitation at the end of his talk I quietly asked the Lord to rule my heart and life. God himself filled me with the appetite for His word and before the term was over (and I graduated) I had read the Bible cover to cover and wanted to know more.
My path reminds me to never feel that someone is beyond reach or that God is not working even if it is not obvious. I know of several people that prayed for me over the years as well - I had invited the Lord into my heart back in High School but it was not anchored well - God know how much my mind and heart need His word. I try to always remember that my part in reaching someone may be small but it all adds up in the end.
Thanks for asking. It is always good to remember how God has moved in my life.

(Jimmy Sellers) #6

I think l will amen that as you have caused me to reflect and remember that once I was thought to be to far gone. But God is good.
Thank you.

(Ethan Thomas) #7

Hi Jackie! Glad to have you!

(Carson Weitnauer) #8

Hi @jreynolds,

Thank you for sharing this story. It encourages me to keep praying for a few people who, from my perspective, seem ‘beyond reach’ at times. But, that just means ‘beyond my reach’ - your words encourage me to trust that they are within God’s reach.