Introduction: James

(James) #1

Hi everyone

I love Jesus Christ, not a book person but want to read Bible daily. I’m a bit lazy. So, pray for me.

One of my favourite videos in YouTube is God the Just and the Justifier of the Wicked by Paul Washer. Watching it now again, so taught of sharing it.

(Kathleen) #2

Hi, @Demitri! We’re glad you’re here. Also, your introduction made me chuckle. :blush: What makes you say you’re lazy?

(Warner Joseph Miller) #3

James! What’s happening, man?! Welcome to the Connect community. Glad to have you here and hope this resource will be as much a blessing to you as I anticipate you would be to us. Grace and peace, man.

(James) #4

Hie… :wave:t2: What makes me say I’m lazy… That’s a good question… :see_no_evil: Well, my actions I guess… Or lack of them… I’m responsible for the work assigned to me but I only do what I like… I’m highly reluctant to do what I don’t like… For example In trying to read the Bible these days… I really want too… But dear life I’m not doing it… So I say I’m lazy… But it’s fine… :blush: I like to consume information from videos I guess. I’m trying to apply for colleges but I’m highly reluctant to write my statement of purpose… Dunno what I want to do continue with my job or peruse my studies… Pray for me guys… I’m happy though… Come what may the joy of the lord is my strength :blush: