Introduction: Jamie Hobbs


(Jamie Hobbs) #1

Greetings all from Loganville, GA (east of metro Atlanta). I am Jamie Hobbs and am excited to connect with so many fellow apologists.

My background is the basic “US Southern boy” background. I went to a Christian church (Baptist in this case) my entire life, I have great godly parents who are very supportive even to this day, and I have an analytical mind that constantly asks questions, sometimes to a fault. My Bachelor’s came from Georgia Tech in the field of Computer Science, and after that God called me into ministry. I completed my Master’s in Apologetics from Luther Rice University and am currently seeking God’s will for His ministry that He chose to make me steward over.

I’m looking forward to great discussion and networking opportunities with those who ask questions like me, so that we can help others when they have similar questions. Test all things holding fast to that which is good.

Blessings to you all.

(Luke Baggett) #2

Welcome Jamie!

(Jamie Hobbs) #3

Thanks, @Luke_Baggett. (I hope I did that right.) I appreciate the welcome.

(Carson Weitnauer) #4

Hi @Jamie_Hobbs! I’m so glad you’ve joined us. You’re so close to our headquarters here in Alpharetta! I have a great respect for Georgia Tech and your commitment to studying apologetics. I trust you will bring helpful contributions to the discussions. I look forward to getting to know you and believe that we will grow together to maturity in Jesus as we humbly serve one another in love. Welcome!

(Jamie Hobbs) #5

Thanks, @CarsonWeitnauer. We actually met a couple times and had lunch once, it seems like eons ago now. Right after Nabeel gave his talk at GT. He gave us much to talk about.

Thanks for your welcome, and God bless.

(Carson Weitnauer) #6

I knew your name was familiar! Yes, I believe we were both at the gathering at Emory many years ago. John Njoroge also connected us together. I look forward to this next stage of connecting! :slight_smile:

(Jamie Hobbs) #7

That’s correct. I miss John, but I know he’s doing well where he is. I try to keep up with him on FB (when it lets me). Going to see if I can figure this RZIM Connect app out. Thanks for the conversation, sir.

(Luke Baggett) #8

Of course!

(Melvin Greene) #9

Welcome, @Jamie_Hobbs. So nice to have you a part of Connect. I look forward to learning from you. Actually, I wasn’t aware that You can get a degree in apologetics. That’s terrific! Do you have an idea of what kind of ministry you would like to work in?

(Jamie Hobbs) #10

Hey, @Melvin_Greene. Thanks for the response. Yes, I got a Master’s of Arts in Apologetics (MAA). I thought college was tough the first time through. Try that with 3 kids and a fulltime job in tow. Only through the power of God did I make it through, I can assure you. To your question, I’d love to be an itinerant speaker. I’ve had opportunity for some supply preaching and speaking at youth events. If God would allow me to do that fulltime, that would be fantastic.

(Jimmy Sellers) #11

Welcome to connect. I live next door in SC. I think you will find a lot of like minded folks here all Jesus lovers that will encourage and pray for you as seek God’s will.

(Jamie Hobbs) #12

@Jimmy_Sellers, where in SC are you? I lived in the Charleston area for 10 years.

(Jimmy Sellers) #13

The upstate, Greenville

(Keldon Scott) #14

@Jamie_Hobbs top of the morning to you. I graduated with a computer science degree from the University of Wisconsin as well. Welcome aboard. We are glad you are here. Giving your background in apologetics I am certain that you are going to love this platform. There is anything that I can help guide or explain I will do so to the best of my ability. Enjoy.

(Mitch) #15

welcome Jamie and blessings from Belfast.


(Jamie Hobbs) #16

Thank you for all the welcomes. I didn’t see any other place to do this, so I hope this is acceptable. I have a prayer request to raise to this group, as I greatly respect all the various viewpoints that I have witnessed over the short time that I’ve joined this discussion. I ardently believe that the best thing we can do for one another is to lift each other up in prayer. If there’s a place for that either on this forum or on the main RZIM website, I’ll be happy to move this prayer request there.

I have felt the pull to fulltime ministry and God has started putting things in place as only He can do. Opportunities to speak don’t always come as fast as we’d like them to, especially when all we want to do is proclaim the Word of the Lord to anyone who’ll pause long enough to listen. Please pray that God would both grant me patience to wait upon Him and His timing, and also that everything I say in His name would be only truth. I don’t want to be able to say anything at all if it isn’t beneficial to His Kingdom. He’s given me the opportunity so far to speak once in Sept and once in Oct. I beg your prayers as I know I can’t do this alone.

Blessings to you all.

(Keldon Scott) #17

Glad to pray for you this morning. I think you’re okay putting the request here but you may want to post a prayer request in members Lounge. Thank you for your input at connect. Thank you for your reasonable approach to differing opinions. I read yours and Sean’s dialogue. This is what I love about connect: we can have dialogue and express ideas, opinions, and interpretations in an environment dedicated to that very purpose with love so that iron sharpens iron. Best to you in your endeavors and I pray peace over your patience and calling.

(Mitch) #18

Praying for you this morningl. Take those two opportunities and ‘knock them right out of the park’! When we launched our ministry 18 years ago we took 4 booking in 10 months and I spoke at only 2 of them. Our team would now often deliver 4 in a day.
Be faithful in the small things.
I loved your comment: ‘I don’t want to be able to say anything at all if it isn’t beneficial to His Kingdom.’ you have inspired me with that.

(Niumaia M. T. Karavaki) #19

Hi @Jamie_Hobbs,
Just praying for you this morning. I just want to encourage you to trust the word that God has given you.