Introduction: Janna

(Janna Swinney Walker) #1

Hi everyone! I recently completed the RZIM Academy (by the skin of my teeth!) and I am looking forward to hopefully participating more through Connect. My husband Rex and I live in New Braunfels, Texas. We have three children in upper levels of education (high school, college, and graduate school). I am an attorney by trade but have had the privilege of staying home and using my degree to homeschool our kids for the first years of their educations. I credit some amazing friends of my daughter for inspiring us to learn more from RZIM. They were trained through OCCA and after watching each of them present the gospel so winsomely in myriad situations, I wanted to learn how to do the same. RZIM Academy was the first step and I look forward to continued conversations that encourage other believers and reveal Jesus to others who desperately need Him.

(Warner Joseph Miller) #2

Welcome to Connect, Janna and congrats on completing the RZIM Academy! I’m sure the academics were intense. I’m also an OCCA alum, so I’m intimately aware of the rigor of the RZIM training experience! That being said, again, CONGRATS on completing that leg of the journey and welcome to the next. I look forward to your contributions here on Connect AND hope that the Connect community could be a continued blessing to you. Every blessing…

(Keldon Scott) #3

Welcome aboard @jannajowalker! Glad you are here. Congrats on the academy. What did you take? Have you taken any electives? I really think they are so very rich and eye-opening. I am an attorney as well in Michigan. So glad you had the blessing of being home to train your children. So awesome. I look forward to hearing your experiences of sharing. Participate frequently. God bless.

(Kathleen) #4

Welcome, @jannajowalker! We’re so glad you’ve found us here on Connect. :slight_smile: That’s so neat about your daughter. What years was she in the OCCA? I’m an alum from the 2015-16 class. It certainly was life-changing, and I am forever grateful to God for the opportunity…and for the people I met there!