Introduction: Jason Taylor

(Jason Taylor) #1


I really enjoy watching and listening to our God teach through Ravi Zacharias and John Lennox. They really help me mature in my relationship with Christ. I’m encouraged to find this app today and look forward to seeing how I can use it as I grow in my faith.

(SeanO) #2

@jctteacher Welcome to Connect Jason! May Jesus richly bless your walk with Him as you grow in the grace and knowledge of our glorious Savior. Look forward to interacting with you on the forms - Connect is a great place to share questions and insights from your walk with Christ :slight_smile:

(Olivia Davis) #3

Hi Jason! I agree – God has used the ministries of both Ravi and John Lennox to grow me in my faith. I hope RZIM Connect will be a source of encouragement to you and I look forward to learning with you in the forums!