Introduction - Jason Walker


(Jason Walker) #1

Good day,

My name is Jason Walker. I am a believer, husband, father, son, brother, patriotic Jamaican, activist, DJ, journalist amongst other things. I wish to do GOD’s work, support my children and mother with their JESUS walk help my father wife and step-children become warriors for CHRIST and be in GOD’s purpose. I am here for help to transform me into what GOD wants me to be.

(Nico) #2

Welcome Sir to our community. God bless. :slight_smile:

(Carson Weitnauer) #3

Hi Jason! I love your passion! We would love to be learning from you and growing with you as warriors for Christ in Connect! Welcome brother!

(Melvin Greene) #4

Welcome @JasonWalker to RZIM Connect. We’re so glad you are here. I look forward to interacting and learning from you.

(Omar Rushlive Lozada Arellano) #5

Welcome to Connect, @JasonWalker. Let’s all train hard to be good warriors for Christ! :slight_smile:

(Jason Walker) #6

Thank you Nico. God bless to you too.

(Jason Walker) #7

Thank you so much. I am here to learn and grow in CHRIST.

(Jason Walker) #8

Ready when you are Lozano

(Jason Walker) #9

Thank you Melvin

(Jason Walker) #13

Thank you

(Jason Walker) #14

Thank you Omnarchy

(Jo Vitale) #15

Hey Jason!

I’ve so appreciated your engagement with Ask Away on Twitter over the last few months, really glad to have you on here. Welcome! I hope this is a community that blesses you, we are certainly blessed to have you contributing to our online community!



(Jason Walker) #16

Thank you for the welcome Mrs. Vitale. By the way since I am from Jamaica :jamaica: I appreciate pronouncing Z the right way (zed)

(Jason Walker) #17

Thank you for the kind words @Jo_Vitale. It is an absolute pleasure to hear your presentations. Truly a blessing. Thank GOD for you, your husband, Ravi, Lisa and the rest of the RZIM team.