Introduction: Jennie

(Jennifer Girard) #1

Hi everyone or Bonjour
Australian missionary living & working in France for 28 years now. French husband who is pastor of an evangelical church. 3 adult children who are not yet committed to following Jesus. We have our responsibility, but also it’s a big challenge to live out our faith in such a secular country. I need the stimulation & knowledge of this RZIM community to reinforce my witness. God is using us all inspite of our limits!

(Rebecca Giuliani) #2

Hi Jennie, I’m from Australia and have just joined connect as well :slight_smile: I’m sure this forum will be an encouragement for your faith. I’ve learnt so much through rzim, my love for Jesus has grown and it’s made we want to learn more. Praying for wisdom for you and your husband in living faithfully in your surrounding culture and for your children.

(Abby Narvaez) #3

Hi Jennie, welcome! Being a wife of a pastor and a mom of adult children is indeed hard work. I hope you find this site a place where you will grow and feel affirmed.

(Joshua Spare) #4

Welcome to Connect, @Jennie! That is quite the responsibility that you have taken on; God bless you for the work that you and your husband have been doing. I hope and pray that you do find great wisdom, insight and stimulation here on Connect; in fact, I’m sure you will as this is a phenomenal community. Welcome, and I look forward to seeing your contributions in the coming weeks!