Introduction: Jeremiah Kibirige (Sweden)

(Jeremiah) #1

Hi everyone,
My name is Jeremiah Kibirige.
I am a frequent listener of the Ask away podcast, it’s been a awesome blessing.
I have followed RZIM for some time and the ministry has been such a wonderful blessing to me and my family. So, it’s a delight to join the Connect community to learn and share the Good News of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

(SeanO) #2

@Jeremiah Welcome to Connect! May the Lord Jesus Christ bless and guide you on your journey. Look forward to interacting with you more on the forms and hearing more of your story. Christ be with you.

(Jeremiah) #3

Thanks Sean.

(Joshua Michael McKenna) #4

Howdy @Jeremiah ! Are you from Sweden? My wife and I recently visited Stockholm with a small team of college students, we quite enjoyed it!

(Omar Rushlive Lozada Arellano) #5

Hello Jeremiah (@Jeremiah). I’m glad to read about RZIM being a wonderful blessing to you. Welcome to Connect! May the Lord be able to use your learnings through this platform to love Him more and share the gospel more effectively. :slight_smile:

(Jeremiah) #6

Hi Joshua,
Well I was born in Uganda, but raised and live in Stockholm Sweden. Nice to hear you had a good time, where about in Stockholm? My church City Church Stockholm International is right in the heart of the city. You should visit next time you are around.

(Jeremiah) #7

Hi Omar,
Thanks for the hand of fellowship.
What a great blessing this forum is, I get to chat with students of RZIM. How did you find the courses and has it been helpful in your personal journey?

(Omar Rushlive Lozada Arellano) #8

Hello Jeremiah (@Jeremiah). I find the courses really good. It’s not super heavy, and it’ll help spark your interest in studying deeper. My main take away with their courses is their personal touch in terms of doing apologetics, and keeping the main thing the main thing. What I mean in terms of personal touch, is that our goal in answering is not merely answering questions, but since a person is a product of different things which contradict, like their particular experiences, personality, worldview, etc., then we must seek to answer the questioner primarily in a biblical manner. This is because these people will be affected with the how and the what of our answers. In seeking to please God in how we answer, the Holy Spirit is pleased to use our arguments to draw these people to Him.

In terms of keeping the main thing the main thing. They don’t let the studies just be mere acquisition of knowledge in order for us to be ivory tower theologians. For example, in the Bible Elective, though we talked in many weeks about apologetics related to the Bible, in the end, we were reminded about personal evangelism, and evangelism for Bible Study. So in a sense, since missions exist because worship doesn’t, we are reminded that we study apologetics for us to reach out.

(Joshua Michael McKenna) #9

We stayed quite near there at City Hostel on Fleminggatan! I’ll definitely keep it in mind, and will commend my colleagues from home to visit this summer when they go to Stockholm. Thank you for the recommendation, brother!

(Jeremiah) #10

That’s great Omar. Thanks for the insightful briefing. Friend of mine did the core module program, which he recommend. So I am hoping to take some courses too. So do you have any interesting evangelism accounts in your sharing the gospel with others?

(Jeremiah) #11

You are welcome, please do so.