Introduction: Jim Chisum


(Jim Chisum) #1

Hi everyone. I am a retired Navy oral surgeon living with my beautiful wife in New Mexico, and very glad to be part of this community! My wife and I have been married for 48 years now. I have take several of the RZIM courses and consider them very valuable. I have at times had to the privilege of teaching bible classes (and a lay minister at times when needed). I consider it a privilege to be able to participate in Connect, and am looking forward to the discussions.

(Joshua Spare) #2

Welcome, @searcher98! I too live in New Mexico currently. It sounds like you have had a great deal of experience in a variety of fields, and I look forward to your contributions here on Connect! I hope you find the community immensely edifying and uplifting!

(Kathleen) #3

Amazing to have you on here, @searcher98! Looking forward to having you join in the conversation. :slight_smile:

(Carson Weitnauer) #4

Hi @searcher98,

Welcome! One of the needs we have in Connect is for wise mentors to pray for, encourage, challenge, and equip the next generation. It would be a privilege to have you come alongside us in our mission to provide personalized, high-quality, deeply respectful answers to each person who asks a question or starts a conversation in the community. I look forward to learning from you.