Introduction: Jim Drury, Barcelona


(Jim) #1

Hi everyone.

My name is Jim Drury. I am English and live in Barcelona, Spain where my wife and I were sent as missionaries to plant a church in 2006. God blessed us with 2 beautiful girls who are now 10 and 8. Both my wife and I also work full-time (I am a freelance technology project manager and currency trader, my wife is a communications/marketing professional in a multinational pharmaceutical firm).

I am particularly interested in connecting with others from Barcelona or other parts of Spain so that we can build relationship and collaborate in extending the kingdom here.

Blessings in Him.

(Carson Weitnauer) #2

Hi @jimdrury,

Welcome! I’m so glad you’ve completed the RZIM Academy and are part of Connect. We would be glad to utilize this platform to connect people in Spain together and facilitate collaboration in evangelism. I’m delighted that you’ve joined and I’m eager for this to be a community that is ‘with you’ in terms of supporting you and your church, and learning from you, as we all grow to maturity in Christ.

(Omar Rushlive Lozada Arellano) #3

Hello @jimdrury. I’m encouraged to hear about your work for the Kingdom. I look forward to learn with you in this community. Welcome to Connect! :slight_smile:

(Keldon Scott) #4

@jimdrury welcome aboard. I got to visit Barcelona during a Mediterranean Cruise. Beautiful city. Love having you aboard. Would love to hear more about your missionary endeavors and how the church plant went. This is a great forum. Look forward to reading your posts.

(Gertrude) #5

Hey @jimdrury welcome to connect. Looking forward to continue learning and sharing Christ on here. Blessing for your ministry.

(Ethan Thomas) #6

Welcome @jimdrury! Glad to have you aboard!

(Jim) #7

thanks Carson! Blessings to you

(Jim) #8

thanks for the welcome Omar!

(Jim) #9

Hi Keldon - thanks for the welcome - blessings to you

(Jim) #10

Thanks for the welcome Gertrude! I recognize your name - did we do the core module together? blessings!

(Jim) #11

Hi Ethan thanks for the welcome!

(Gertrude) #12

Hey Jim, we sure did!!

(Gregory Ho Chung Wai) #13

Hi Jim,
God bless the work of your hands. Loved Barcelona when I was there a few times. Looking forward to hear regarding church planting in Spain.

God bless