Introduction: Jim Reeves

(Jim C Reeves) #1

Greetings Brothers & Sisters in the faith as well as any others who might be here pursuing truth from outside the faith.

I am a Christian as of little more than a decade ago and will be celebrating 50 years of breathing air within a week. I am a husband of 25 years this August , father of 4, father-in-law of 3, and grandfather of 7, one of which has already gone on to Glory.

I retired from the Navy after 21 years of service, served just under a decade as a Ed Tech in autism and middle school soccer coach, Currently I am working as a city carrier for the USPS.

I thoroughly enjoy discussing theology and religion but have found opportunity to do so lacking until now perhaps. It is with eagerness to engage I join this forum.

In His service,

(Brittany Bowman) #2

Welcome to Connect, Jim. It is encouraging to hear of how you have seen Christ be faithful in your life. How wonderful to hear you as a Christian were sharing His light in the military and school systems.

(Jim C Reeves) #3

Thank you for the welcome. Unfortunately most of my Navy time was spent as a nominal Christian and did more to slander our Lord’s good name. My years in public school however were more focused and directed toward giving our youth critical thinking skills so they can better discern truth from error.

(Olivia Davis) #4

Hi Jim! Thanks for sharing about yourself. It sounds like you’ve lived a very interesting life! You’re spot on – RZIM Connect is THE place to talk about theology and religion. It’s been a blessing to me, and I think that if you spend some time out on the forums, it will be to you also! Welcome to Connect :slight_smile: