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Hi everyone! I am a Canadian wife and working Mom of 3 with a love for Jesus. ‘Abide in Me’ is a phrase that I’m seeking to truly understand and live out in my day to day life, and in moving forward in the future. I am looking forward to reading and following many discussions on Connect (and maybe jump in, or ask questions periodically) in the hopes of digging further into truth!

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Welcome, @jobinawestman! I’m so glad that you are joining us. I hope you’ll be as blessed as I am being a part of this great community.

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Hi @jobinawestman! Welcome! Reading along is encouraged. :slight_smile: I think it is helpful to see others who are like us, struggling with the same concerns and questions, yet coming to answers and new strength for faithfulness. Your questions and contributions to the discussions are welcome too!

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So glad to have you aboard @jobinawestman. I love that you are exploring “abide in me.” What do you think is the most influential discovery you have made during your exploration of that?

I think that your interest in digging into truth will also be a blessing to not only you but to those who get to read your input. What truth topic or issue do you think you would love to dig into first?

I hope you enjoy. Blessings to you and welcome aboard

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Thank you @Keldon_Scott! I am enjoying already!

Abide in Me- I first came to look at John 15 differently after a discussion with my Dad about the Fruit of the Spirit. I was struggling with the concept because it was being taught in the circles I was in to pick a Fruit of the Spirit and focus on being better at it. When you have made progress, you move on to another one and so on and so forth. I was failing miserably; of course I was! I was missing the whole point, that it is the Fruit of the Spirit. He is the vine, we are the branches, and what is my job as a branch? To force out the fruit? To do it on my own? No, it is to remain in the vine. To abide. The fruit will show in time.

It sounds so simplistic and yet how often are we pulled to follow this program or that study or a certain teacher in order to better ourselves as Christians? My spirit longs for simplicity and this phrase gives it. When my marriage is shaken, when I’m struggling to parent my children, or when I don’t know how to help someone get closer to finding God, Abide in Me is all I need…God is all I need. When I run to Him, seek Him, worship Him, ask for His leading, it’s there, or I at least have the peace to wait or the trust that He will guide in His timing.

I don’t have it all figured out, I am certainly just learning, but this has been an a-ha moment in my life!

Thoughts? Insight? I welcome it!

Pragmatism and the Word of God
(Keldon Scott) #6

I think part of the good news is it is that simple. I love the freedom that what you describe grants. Grabbing hold and understanding that is part of the journey, but living it is the abundance of life that we get. Thank you for sharing.

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Hi @jobinawestman. I’m happy to have you here. Let’s dig together into the truth as one family in Christ. :slight_smile:

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I was at a Bible Study 2 weeks ago when the issue of bearing fruit was being discussed, that a comment was made that in John 15 the word “abide” is used at least 10 times in the context of “bearing fruit”…and yet, I have heard more sermons on “fruit” as opposed to “abiding”…I felt the Lord emphasize for me that I just need to “abide in Him” and the “fruit” will follow in His time…for starters, I am going to read, re-read and ponder the 10 times that our Lord uses the word abide in John 15…

May the Lord bless you with new insight each time you “think on these things”…

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Welcome to RZIM Connect, Jobina! It’s great to have you here.