Introduction: Joe Gregory

(Joe Gregory) #1

Oddly enough I’ve been on here for a few months and even posted a few things and didn’t realize that I never introduced myself. My name is Joe Gregory and I live in the Washington DC area.

I enjoy learning as much as I can about my faith and seeking new ways to strengthen my walk with Christ. I also enjoy help others with their walk however I can, even if it’s just planting a seed or two. My interest in apologetics stems from my interest in critical and analytical thinking. I desire to learn about Scripture and theology, but apologetics really seems to drive the conversation to a fundamental level when engaging non Christians and sharing your faith. I guess it resonates with me like that given how God has wired and gifted me.

I look forward to continuing my interactions on this forum in hopes of iron sharpening iron.

In Christ,


(Dennis Fuller) #2

Welcome, Joe. The church needs critical and analytical thinkers like yourself.

(Warner Joseph Miller) #3

Joe Gregory! How are ya, brother!? Welcome OFFICIALLY to RZIM Connect, man. Glad to have you here and glad to OFFICIALLY welcome you.:grinning:God bless!

(Joe Gregory) #4

Thanks. It feels a little weird now that I’m official. But I like it :grin:

(Kathleen) #5

Haha! Good to hear from you again, @jobobear! Hope all is well with you!