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Hi everyone, I’m from the state of Kerala in India. I’m a business student, 21. I came to experience the love of God deeply in my life when I was heartbroken, and on the day I felt his love cover me I asked the lord to use me as a pen to write the love letter to the world. Eventually I stumbled across some videos on YouTube regarding our faith by Ravi Zacharias the founder of this ministry. I found his videos to be deeply insightful and resourceful, with the knowledge I gained from this ministry I was able to talk to many atheists and friends who believed in many different worldviews. Words cannot describe my happiness in finding a community like this and I’m thankful to God for guiding me to this, because every good thing comes from above. I’ve already been praying for this ministry and am very excited to learn a lot from each other on this platform. I hope you all pray for me and my family, and help me on my journey to be an Apologist. May the Lord continue to bless and use this ministry as a spearhead for the kingdom of God. Much love to you all.:heart:

(iain johnston) #2

welcome Joel, one day Id like to visit Kerala, I visited Rajasthan 20 yrs ago as a medical student, it was busy!!
blessings Joel

(Lakshmi Mehta) #3

Welcome to Connect @joeljohn23! So nice to hear about your love for the Lord and how God has been helping you through resources from RZIM. Being from India, I too have been drawn to works from RZIM for many years. It seems atheism and agnosticism is on the rise on Indian campuses compared to even a decade ago. Hope you and yours are safe with the floods in Kerala. Look forward to you sharing questions that may arise out of your conversations with your friends!

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@Lakshmismehta It’s very true, atheism and agnosticism is extremely becoming popular among the college campuses here, it’s more of a trend these days, and yes kerala underwent a very tough period in almost a century, by God’s grace me and my family are safe, but please pray for the state, thank you very much for the concern, and yes now I know where to turn to when I have some questions, but RZIM is so extensive in its ministry and covers a lot, that after listening to many of the videos, I’m able to answer the questions my friends have, and they find the answers too to their questions, but ultimately the quote by Ravi Zacharias holds true, an argument may remove the doubt, but only the holy spirit can convict you of the truth. Keep me, my family and my state in your prayers.

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@joeljohn23, Glad to hear that you are all safe. Will definitely lift up the state of Kerala in prayers. We actually have a fundraiser coming up for Kerala in the Indian community where we live. What you say is true, our part is to sow the seed but only God can give it growth. May you be be encouraged in your obedience to God’s will even when you dont see visible results. God bless you!

(Carson Weitnauer) #6

Hi @joeljohn23,

Welcome! Ravi’s wisdom is incredible. I am so encouraged that his videos have prepared you to talk with many friends about Jesus. I look forward to your insights and encouragement as we grow together in Jesus!

(Kathleen) #7

Hello, @joeljohn23! We’re so glad you’ve found your way on here. Am glad that you and your family are safe from the floods, but will be praying for your state as things are rebuilt. Praying that you and people like you will be the hands and feet of Jesus to those who are in need! Look forward to seeing you around the forum. :slight_smile:

(Renee Yetter) #8

Welcome @joeljohn23! I’ve also recently connected here as well and must say it has been outstanding. May you find great support and encouragement from all of us. Blessings,